Welcome to Active Horizons


Active Horizons is small charity dedicated to transforming lives of young people across the society. ‘Youth-led’ is our key approach in the way work, we ensure that young poeple ┬átake lead in decision making and development of all project activities.

We are a local approach to cross policy for young people and bring them together with youth related policy makers, and set out shared vision for how young people will be supported to make responsible and active citizens and to improve their lives, and family cohesion. Active Horizons seeks to meet the changing needs of young people, particularly from the BME, migrant and refugee communities, by assisting them in settlement, accessing education, health and building new lives.

We value young people’s thoughts, opinions, expressions and participation. In so doing supporting young people to be responsible citizens and navigate all lifes challeges and opportunities.

We inspire, motivate and empower young people to live a healthy, happier and fulfilling life. We create a platform for young people to promote active participation, advance young leadership and develop skills and capacity for young people.




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