Employment Skills Support

Our work in supporting young people into sustainable employment stemmed from the London 2012 Olympics. Our organisation was fortunate to work with London Citizens who partnered with us in delivering Olympics Jobs Fair. As a result Active Horizons successfully trained and recruited 63 young people to work during the Olympics Games. The majority of young people reported that it was their first time to gain employment opportunity. Also this increased their confidence and esteem in understanding what the world of work is.

The program of Employment support is mainly dedicated to young people aged 18-25 years. 

Employment Ticket Campaign  

As a result we have now developed an Employment Ticket Campaign that seeks to engage with local employers to create more opportunities for young adults who are in their early stages in seeking employment opportunities.  We are currently working with businesses and organisations across different sectors such as construction, engineering and technology. Since 2015, 18 young adults have successfully gained full time employment as result of this programme.

If you are an Employer or campany that would like to partner with us in creating more opportunities for young people. Please contact us, we would be delighted.


Workshops on Employment Skills

Our next series of employment skills workshops will commence in October 2018. If you would like updates on the dates, or to sign up please contact us.

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